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Winsome Board paints the light and colours of Northern Australia

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watercolour remnant rainforest

Remnant Rainforest(Ravenshoe)

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          Winsome paints the spirit of the land she loves, from the green hills of the Atherton Tablelands to the rugged interior of Northern Australia. Occasionally she paints flowers where the subject has special significance for her. Her paintings and prints are available from Win’s Gallery, Ravenshoe, Queensland’s highest town, just two hours drive from Cairns. Please ring for a gallery appointment as she sometimes ignores her email. She will be happy to show you the gallery at a time convenient for you. Ring in the evening on 0740976270 or leave a message on 61 740976522.



More Flowers


Entwined (Wild River)

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Rivershine (Herbert River Gorge)
Oil on Canvas

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front cover of bookback cover of book

The Light of the North

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Images of paintings Copyright Winsome Board

Winsome Board, P.O. Box 72, Ravenshoe 4888


Phone: 61 7 40976522
or 61 7 40976270