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Queenslands highest town (915m)
Home of Win's Gallery, 35 Grigg St., Ravenshoe

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A Flight of Cockatoos
Watercolour by Winsome Board

Ravenshoe, home of Win’s Gallery,  at 915 m (3000”) is Queensland’s highest town. The town’s population is about 1000, with about 2000 in the surrounding countryside. The altitude means the climate is mostly pleasantly cool in summer although winter usually brings a few frosty mornings to the tropics. The wind farm provides clean energy to half the Tablelands.
The town is situated where the high rainforest meets the savannah, with a variety of micro climates and vegetation types. Twelve species of possum can be found within ten kilometres of the town.
The Millstream, with two easily accessible waterfalls, the Millstream Falls and the more intimate Little Millstream Falls, has provided Win with many subjects. Thirty kilometres to the west, Innot Hot Springs provides naturally heated mineral springs to relax the travellers. A number of walking tracks, the Misty Mountain Trails, allow the more adventurous to experience the rainforest views.
In the town are two historic pubs, built when Ravenshoe was a timber town; the Hotel Tully Falls and the Club Hotel/Motel. Accommodation is also provided by the Kool Moon Motel and beyond the town there are three bed and breakfast cottages; the Pond Cottage, Chilverton Cottages and the Old Dairy. Two supermarkets are open seven days, while the Popular Cafe provides delicious meals in an old style cafe. On Sundays, in the tourist season, the steam train Capella runs to Tumoulin and back, giving tourists a taste of past travel. Behind the RAVENSHOE VISITORS CENTRE is the Nganyaji Interpretive Centre which provides an insight into an almost forgotten indigenous culture.
Ravenshoe is approximately two hours drive from Cairns. There is a bus service from Cairns to Atherton which connects with the Atherton –Ravenshoe bus service. The best time to visit is in October, when the town celebrates with the fortnight long Torimba Festival. The centrepiece of this is the Festival of the Forests, a splendid woodcraft display which has been going for over thirty years and attracts entries from as far afield as Victoria. The Festival opens on the first Saturday in October.
Find us on the Google map or follow this mud map. Enjoy the experience of Queensland’s highest town, then if you wish to discover more of the delights of the Tablelands, seek out the brochure Tableland Trails (Art & Craft, Food & Wine, Adventure and Heritage) available in information centres across the Tablelands.

Torimba Street Gardens
Pastel by Winsome Board

Rainbow Millstream
Pastel by Winsome Board

Sketch by Grahame West




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